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Hu's Assisting is now hiring on-call Party Helpers with competitive rates depending on experience. You must be a quick learner able to operate in a fast paced, multitasking manner. Please contact us to set up an phone interview.

Professional compliment

Two thumbs up and five stars. Holly is my outside “go to” person when I need help. She is great to work with – bright, intuitive, logical, thorough, comprehends rapidly, is independent but works well with others.....and she takes charge. Rare qualities these days but I am sure those qualities would be re-occurring themes with anybody describing their experience with her services. The highest professional compliment I can give to any person is saying they are “on it” and that they “get results”. Ultimately, nothing else matters when assigning any job or task to any person. Holly is on it. Holly gets thing done. Holly gets results. Holly gets my highest recommendation

- Ted B

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