Knocked it out of the Park!

I contacted Holly only about 2 or 3 weeks before my wedding to try to find two waitstaff to help out at our reception. This is a totally unknown field to me—never had to hire a waitstaff, bartender, etc. before—but Holly made it very easy with very prompt replies to every question and concern I had leading up to the event. I was still a *little* worried on the day of the reception because I felt we were asking a lot of the servers we were hiring: they would need to arrive on time, take a tour of the church to see where everything was, dive into the work in the kitchen wholeheartedly, supervise themselves, improvise here and there, then help set up, cut foods, warm the entrees on time, set the food out, make everything look pretty, fill pitchers, make coffee... basically, do everything you can imagine for a feast (for 80 guests) and more. What if they showed up smelling like smoke? What if they were late or just didn't show at all? What if they didn't know how to slice avocados or spilled Italian beef gravy all over the mother-of-the-bride? WELL, the instant our two servers walked in the door two hours before the reception was to begin, I could tell we were in capable, confident hands. Drew and Alexa were well-dressed, extremely gracious, professional, and polite, and proceeded to do everything we asked of them and more for the next six hours. I had to leave them not long after our introduction and go get dressed and get married; when we returned to the reception area in the chapel a few hours later, all the food was warm and ready, laid out, and looking beautiful, and Drew and Alexa were totally ready to help facilitate the food line, refill drinks, gather dinner plates as needed, restock the buffet line, plus a million other little things throughout the evening. I mean, they just totally knocked it out of the park. I cannot say more to express how well they did! They were courteous to every guest, never slowed down for an instant, and if something needed doing we never had to ask—they were already on top of it. If I had to cater or staff another event, I would absolutely recommend Hu's Assisting!!! Honestly, without a competent, diligent, hard-working, well-trained, professional, self-motivated waitstaff, our reception could have been a disorganized disaster; Thank you so much, Holly, Drew, and Alexa—you really made the difference on our special day!!!!!

- Jeffrey Evans

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